SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – With inflation and the costs of oil and goods skyrocketing, the economy is a hot topic in the 2022 election. Where do the candidates for Senator in Louisiana stand?

CandidateStance on the Economy
John Neely Kennedy
Sen. Kennedy says a priority is bringing more jobs to Louisiana by reducing red tape for businesses. He believes government spending is out of control and wants to reduce waste.
Luke Mixon
Mixon says entering emerging energy markets while continuing to produce oil and gas will bring more good-paying jobs to Louisiana. He believes repairing roads, bridges, and infrastructure will make Louisiana’s economy more competitive.
Gary Chambers
Chambers says Louisiana workers are struggling due to widespread income inequality, ranking 2nd in the US. He supports workers’ rights to organize, raising the national minimum wage, and reinvesting in communities through the Real Corporate Profits Tax Act.
Beryl Billiot
Billiot believes we must prioritize an educated workforce and reduce crime to make Louisiana a more attractive place for businesses. He feels that small businesses will grow through “business-friendly” legislation.
Devin Lance Graham
Graham says if elected, he will build a bridge across the Mississippi River and investing infrastructure that serves the people and commerce.
Xan John
John says he will abolish the Federal Reserve. He says, if elected, he will “free this Nation and then the world from big banks, woke corps and occultic families and their NGOs.”
W. Thomas La Fontaine Olson
Olson has said little publicly about his economic policies, but he says problems with taxation have created an “unauditable Department of Defense.”
Bradley McMorris
McMorris says he wants the federal government to allow Louisiana to drill all of the land available and wants to invest in renewable energy. He would like to build a gigafactory in Louisiana.
M.V. Mendoza
Mendoza says power needs to be taken away from big oil companies to stop price gouging, and they should be required to reinvest 50% of their dividends into clean/renewable energy. He also wants to increase US food production.
Salvador Rodriguez
Rodriguez’s campaign Twitter account has little to say on economic policy.
Aaron Sigler
Sigler believes ending the Federal Reserve and reducing taxes will ease rising inflation.
Syrita Steib
Steib says if elected, she will work to ensure pay equity for women in the workplace. She says improving Louisiana’s infrastructure and promoting a dual energy economy is a top priority.
Thomas Wenn
There does not appear to be any public information on Wenn or his campaign.

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