LOUISIANA (KLFY) — The race for Louisiana’s governor is in full swing.

The top five republican candidates went head-to-head in Iowa’s straw poll. They each gave a speech on what direction they would like to see Louisiana head in. I spoke to the candidates about what it means to be governor.

Candidate Sharon Hewitt says she appreciates the opportunity to be able to speak at the event today and says she is more of a problem-solver than a politician.

“Giving voters an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates about why we’re running and the things that we want to do and our vision for the state. I appreciate the opportunity to do that… everybody wants a good education for their kids, everybody wants good high paying jobs for their kids and grandkids, so they’ll stay here in Louisiana. I think I am the most qualified candidate for governor. I’m not a politician, I’m a problem-solver,” said Hewitt.

Candidate Stephen Waguespack said with Louisiana continuing to grow, the state needs great governance.

“The Iowa straw poll is a fantastic event, the organizers did a great job. It’s such a great opportunity to go talk to people about our vision for Louisiana.. There’s a growing movement in Louisiana and I think it’s for people who are tired of seeing their schools not meet the needs of families and they’re tired of runway crime in our communities. Louisiana can meet all expectations, but it takes leadership and a plan, and that’s what our campaign is all about,” said Waguespack

Candidate Richard Nelson said his campaign is based on bringing people and businesses so Louisiana so they can succeed.

“I’m just trying to spread the gospel of good government to the people of Louisiana and this was a great opportunity to do that. My campaign is really focused on throwing out the last hundred years of Huey Long style government, trying to make a competitive environment in Louisiana so that we can attract business and people to come here and they can succeed. We have the resources, we have the best people in the country and the world, what we need is better government so that we can have those same kind of outcomes,” said Nelson.

Candidates John Schroder and Jeff Landry also participated in the straw poll today. At the end, people voted for who they’d like to see in office.

According to organizers at the event, the straw poll results showed Jeff Landry leading the Republican primary.

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