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NEW ORLEANS— The 4 candidates vying to be the city’s top prosecutor include longtime political operatives, and one person who’s actually held the job before.

After clashing several times with current District Attorney Leon Cannizaro, Councilman-at-Large Jason Williams made it clear early on that he intended to run. He was then indicted for federal tax evasion, which he denies, but he says that recent events in the country and our city dictate that he’s the man for the DA’s job.

Councilman-at-Large Jason Williams

Williams say, “What’s happened in our country and what’s happened in our city calls for radical rethinking of a system. The American legal system was born out of racism and sexism. Minorities and women had nothing to do it’s development. We have to make sure that we redesign it for equity and the one thing that I will say is I have been willing to lead the charge for reform at all costs.”

Judge Morris Reed has spent over 50 years in the justice system as a police officer, prosecutor, and judge. He says that his opponents are offering the status quo.

Judge Morris Reed

“When I see we’re doing the same things over and over again and it’s not making us improving our community I say I will step up. We’ve got 2 candidates in this race that’s never prosecuted a case before, I think we can ill afford to put the office of the DA in the hands of someone who’s never sent anyone to jail for breaking the law,” said Reed.

Judge Keva Landrum

Judge Keva Landrum spoke to her prior experience in the DA’s seat, “I am the only person in this race who’s had the opportunity to serve as a prosecutor, and advocate for victims and women who’ve been abused or treated violently in our community. I’m the only person who’s had the opportunity to step up in a critical time and run this office, and so no one else has the experience an office of this magnitude and during such a critical time in our community.”

Finally, Judge Artur Hunter also sees his career experience on the street and on the bench as being the reason he should be our choice for district attorney.

Judge Arthur Hunter

Hunter said ,”As a former New Orleans Police Officer I protected our city, but I’ve also held police officers accountable as a judge and attorney as well. I created a nationally recognized program by the American Bar Association that reduces and prevents crime and I have a detailed plan how we can make our city safer.”

This Saturday on WGNO-TV you can hear a lot from from all four candidates in our special “Your Local Election Headquarters: The Candidates” airing at 10pm after college football.

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