NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — There are dozens of state and local races on the ballot for Saturday’s election on Oct. 13, including the race for Louisiana governor, attorney general and treasurer.

“It’s important to vote because if you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice,” says registered voter Brenda Wheeler.

That’s why Orleans Parish Clerk of Court Darren Lombard’s staff prepared early, checking and sealing the voting machines before delivering them to the polling locations.

“Election day is a big deal. It is very important that we work to ensure everyone has the right to vote,” says Lombard.

A total of 756 voting machines are being delivered to various polling sites. Wheeler hopes people show up and take advantage of the rights they were given.

“I always think about my ancestors who came before me and the challenges they had to go through to vote. So I always exercise my right to vote and I make sure my kids do the same thing,” says Wheeler.

While many are focused on the state’s major races, it’s also a good time to research the proposed laws.

“There’s always a need for more information, the more information we have the better the choice we can make. We live by the laws and it’s important we get the laws we want in there,” says a registered voter.

If you’re concerned about voter fraud, Lombard wants to reassure Louisianians that they have nothing to worry about.

“Louisiana is in the top five as far as having clean elections. We make sure the machines arrive where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to. The result makes it back to headquarters and we calculate them,” says Lombard.

On this busy Saturday with football games and weather, Lombard asks people to vote early and not forget their ID

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