METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — Republican Majority Leader Steve Scalise visited WGNO Friday to give an update after the first week of the legislative session.

The Congressman said after a long wait due to the historic House Speaker election, they were eager to get down to business.

The house was able to pass several abortion-related bills and a bill to restrict President Biden’s ability to tap into the oil reserves to sell it to China.

Scalise said his plan as majority leader is to focus on issues that directly impact Louisiana and allow for more participation in Congress.

“I think most people would recognize Congress is broken,” Scalise said. “So, there were a lot of negotiations over how to change the house rules to allow members to be more involved in the process. We had just had that $1.7 trillion spending bill. It was filed by the dark of night and hours later, no one read it and it had been voted on so it’s just stopping things like that.”

Scalise also commented on national issues such as President Biden’s classified documents and George Santos’ fate in congress. Those are both things that need to be handled fairly, Scalise said.