Louisiana voters with disabilities go straight to the front of the line

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NEW ORLEANS – Voters with disabilities have an array of accommodations waiting for them at the polls to make the process as easy as possible.

The Louisiana Secretary of State‘s office lays out these accommodations in a Geaux Vote document called “Programs for Voters with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, & Nursing Home Residents.”

Any voter with a “visible physical disability” can go to the front of the line at their polling station, according to the document. Anyone with a valid mobility impairment identification card is also allowed to skip the wait.

Hearing impaired voters are also allowed to bring headphones into the voting booth to utilize the audio voting keypad, and those with visual impairments can bring a 2x magnifier into the booth.

Non-disabled voters are only allowed three minutes in the booth, but that time limit goes up to 20 minutes for disabled voters. Those utilizing wheelchairs and those who are not able to stand to vote are also encouraged to adjust the voting machines to their convenience.

Read about these accommodations and many more in the full document, embedded below:

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