JEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WGNO) — Jefferson Parish District Three candidate Derrick Shepherd has been disqualified from the race.

Shepherd confirmed with WGNO the disqualification but also said an appeal has been filed.

“I respect the judge’s decision; I just respectfully disagree, and I’m looking forward to another set of eyes, looking at this,” Shepherd said.

In a court hearing on Monday, Aug. 21, Jefferson Parish Judge Danyelle Taylor sided with a lawsuit, claiming that Shepherd’s primary residence was not in District Three but in Mississippi.

Local pollster and sociologist Dr. Silas Lee, who is not related to Councilman Lee, explains.

“You have a little caveat here though, the fact that they’re looking at the terms of the mortgage as as one of the reasons to disqualify him because of the property in Mississippi that had a clause in reference to residency for a specific length of time,” Dr. Lee said.

Shepherd says he recently learned of the terms of the Veterans Affairs loan he used to purchase the Mississippi house, which he calls an investment property, in 2017.

Shepherd maintains he mostly stays at his family home in Marrero. 

“It was a clause, saying I had to keep the house as my principal residence for one year, so that’s up to 2018,” Shepherd explained. “Everything I ever had or ever dealt with has been in Marrero.”

According to Dr. Lee, it’s too soon to tell if Councilman Lee will once again secure the District Three seat.

“It’s one thing to file the appeal, but we have to get a decision to see whether or not he can proceed with challenging Mr. Lee or if the campaign comes to an end,” Dr. Lee said.

The Gubernatorial Primary Election is October 14.


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