WGNO Forward: Race in Our City Episode 106

WGNO Forward

NEW ORLEANS — In the special report WGNO Forward: Race in Our City, WGNO’s Tamica Lee and LBJ explore race and racism in our city, asking the experts where we are, how we got here, and what we can realistically do to make it better.

This week, the Democratic Party held its convention and nominated Joe Biden for president and Senator Kamala Harris for vice president. In Part 1, LBJ interviews Congressman Cedric Richmond about how those nominations reflect the party’s plans to deal with racism.

“The Democratic Party understands that sometimes–especially after Katrina, and if we look at the COVID-19 pandemic–that we recognize that sometimes people get knocked down. And, it’s beyond their capacity to get up on their own,” says Congressman Richmond. “And, that is the obligation of the federal government to help.”

In Part 2, Tamica speaks with actor and New Orleans native Wendell Pierce about racism in the film industry.

“What’s important for those in Hollywood to understand is ‘institutionalized racism,'” says Pierce. “And, institutionalized racism is when a system is built that keeps others out. It benefits one group.”

He points to the need for more African American to be hired for jobs in front of and behind the camera.

“As of now, no more all-white production staff. No more all-white creative teams,” he says.

In Part 3, local political analyst Silas Lee talks to LBJ about the role of race in this year’s important November elections.

“In terms of race being different this year, certainly we have a climate that accentuated race, racism, and inequality,” says Lee. “So, we had a trifecta of events. One was the virus. Two, George Floyd and the fact that it was captured on video. And, three, the economic inequalities, the loss of jobs.”

In Part 4, Tamica interviews local entrpreneur Sevetri Wilson about the rise in businesses owned by Black women and why it is important to support Black-owned businesses.

“It’s about everyone collectively being able to create more equitable practices, being able to look at their vendor lists. If you want to create a relationship with the African American community, buy from them,” says Wilson.

You can this full episode and all espisodes of WGNO Forward: Race in Our City on WGNO and WGNO.com.


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