A never-before-seen meteor shower may be visible during the late-night hours of Monday, May 30 into the early morning of Tuesday, May 31.

Overnight, Earth will pass through the debris trails of comet “SW3,” which broke apart nearly 30 years ago. Because we have never passed by this comet’s debris trail before, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the new “Tau Herculids” meteor shower.

NASA says the shower could be an “all or nothing” event. Astronomers across the globe are split on what will happen.

The Tau Herculids has the potential to become a “meteor storm,” which is a meteor shower that produces 1,000 meteors per hour. Or it could be a complete dud.

If you’re up late, the best time to see the potential light show is between 11:45 PM Monday and 12:17 AM Tuesday (Central Daylight Time).