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Christmas Eve is going to be warm and that trend looks like it will continue through the rest of the year. Temperatures will feel more like Easter than Christmas this time around. At least the humidity will not get too high until the middle of next week.

Today look for a quick warm up with low 70s already by mid morning. Afternoon temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s. Look for breezy conditions with south and southwest winds of 10-15. We will see a few more clouds than the past few days.

Temperatures will stay warm over the next few days. It will be in the 60s to start your Christmas day. Look for afternoon highs to top out around 80 so it will be good for the kids to get out and play with new toys.

Highs stay around 80 on Sunday. It doesn’t look like winter comes back anytime soon. Expect 70s through the afternoons for next week with rain chances starting to come back on Tuesday.