VIDEO FORECAST — Almost chilly tomorrow morning! Lovely fall week ahead!


VIDEO FORECAST from Meteorologist Scot Pilie — An absolutely wonderful week ahead across southeast Louisiana and south Mississippi! Dry conditions and below average temperatures.

Tonight’s low temperatures will be borderline chilly, especially north and west of Lake Pontchartrain! Lows in the low 50s north. Mid 50s south and west of Lake. Upper 50s-low 60s in the Metro NOLA area.

National Hurricane Center increasing probability of development in the Western Caribbean. Now a 50% chance of Depression or Tropical Storm #Gamma over the next 3-5 days. No imminent concern to the Gulf of Mexico in the short term, but this feature is one to watch…

Let’s keep these cold fronts rolling. Cold fronts typically help shield Louisiana and steer these Caribbean cruisers east of our area. In addition, more cold fronts help cool the northern Gulf waters & shut the west/central Gulf of Mexico down for business. Stay tuned.

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