Tropics staying busy. Only 6 more Atlantic names left before the Greek alphabet.


Welcome to September…🌀🌀

Tropical Storm #Omar spinning out to sea off the Eastern Seaboard. Only a risk to the fish.

Tropical Storm #Nana in the Western Caribbean, expected to become a hurricane tonight before landfall in #Belize. Heavy rainfall & flash flooding concerns in the Yucatan/Belize.

Neither of these tropical storms are a threat to the United States.

We now only have 6 named storms left in the Atlantic storm names list…if we use those names, we will go to the Greek Alphabet for only the second time in history. Last time was 2005.

In the Eastern Atlantic, we’re tracking two tropical waves. 30% chance & 60% chance of development over the next 3-5 days. No imminent threat to land, but worth watching down the road.

Stay tuned, stay prepared. Next name on the list is #Paulette.

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