Will the Gulf Coast see record breaking rain from Hurricane Sally?

Tracking the Tropics

Storm to make landfall as a category 1 early Wednesday

Historic rainfall is possible along the Gulf Coast tonight to early Wednesday as Hurricane Sally progresses towards Alabama’s coastline. Per the National Hurricane Center’s latest 4PM advisory, Sally is now moving northwest at 2 miles per hour with 80 mile per hour wind speeds. 

The 1PM National Hurricane Center Advisory had Sally moving northwest at 2 miles per hour with slightly stronger, 85 mile per hour wind speeds.

The Weather Prediction Center shows 12 to 20+ inches in rainfall totals possible, and Mobile’s National Weather Service office mentioned some locations could receive an isolated 30 inches in spots.

Though forecast to make landfall with 80 mile per hour winds as a Category 1 hurricane, this is a situation where that classification on wind speed along does not accurately depict impacts Gulf Coast locations will be feel.

Remember, the “category” classification is based on only wind speeds, but does not take rainfall amounts or surge potential into effect. Slow-moving Sally will bring flash flooding, longer duration wind impacts, and significant storm surge along and east of where the center comes ashore.

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