Watching new tropical disturbance for formation potential

Tracking the Tropics

Right now, no local threat but worth keeping an eye on

This is your reminder that Hurricane Season 2020 will not be over until November 30th! We are closely watching one disturbance for formation potential near the western Caribbean Sea.

Right now, no immanent concern here locally but worth keeping an eye on with low development potential!

National Hurricane Center meteorologists give it about a 20 percent chance of development over these next five days, near zero chance of development over these next two days.

If anything, an unorganized, broad low pressure area may be beginning to form by late week. We’ll, of course, watch its behavior to see if movement near the Gulf of Mexico looks likely.

September marks peak hurricane season, verifying NOAA’s updated forecast for August-November being “extremely active” months.

After all, every name on the 2020 Atlantic Names List was used, causing the Greek alphabet to kick in! The last time that happened was the 2005 hurricane season, which spurred Katrina. The next name after Beta is Gamma.

September 14th marked the first time five named storms were in the Atlantic Basin at once in 49 years. The National Hurricane Center had not issued advisories on that many named storms at a time since 1971.

Paulette, Rene, Sally, Teddy, and Vicky set the record for most named storms at once in the Atlantic Basin, not to mention additional spots worth monitoring for formation potential.

Additionally, Nana, and Wilfred, Alpha, and Beta were all named during September, totaling 9 named systems, and the month’s not yet over.

Remember, it only takes one storm. Don’t let your guard down, and continually review all hurricane preparedness plans as we approach October.

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