Watching another tropical disturbance for formation potential

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Right now, no local threat but worth keeping an eye on

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This is your reminder Hurricane Season 2020 will not be over until November 30th! We are closely watching yet another disturbance for formation potential near the Caribbean Sea.

Potential Tropical Cyclone 26 could be becoming a depression so soon as tonight or Monday. Delta will likely form, threatening potential impacts to our Gulf Coast by late week, weekend timeframes.

National Hurricane Center meteorologists give it HIGH, 80 percent chances of development tomorrow to five days from now and will be beginning to issue advisories shortly.

Plenty questions remain, including where the system heads and its strength, at that.

Gulf & Caribbean environments do support intensification on tap. Some models are quite bullish in intensity, but until Delta actually forms, track plus classification are tough to pinpoint.

Good news? Water temperatures have cooled significantly over these last 3 weeks between Hurricane Sally’s upwelling and cold fronts impacting our forecast for New Orleans.

Water temperatures, nonetheless, support tropical development, but such cooler water should hinder rapid strengthening, possibly weakening any system that does organize. Gulf water temperatures do, however, remain warm enough for formation potential to be a concern.

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