Tracking The Tropics: 7PM update, new information on Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura

Tracking the Tropics

Hurricane Marco will make landfall as a category one hurricane or tropical storm on the Louisiana Gulf Coast Monday. No matter its strength at that point, impacts will be similar either way.

Currently, threats look to be becoming more rain oriented than an extreme wind event. New Orleans’ metro can anticipate 35-55 mile per hour gusts and a surge ranging from 3-6 feet along east-south facing shores.

Right now, this is battling southwesterly wind shear. Therefore, the roughest weather stays north and east of where Marco’s center tracks.

With its center looking to skate south Louisiana’s coastline, we must closely monitor localized hot spots of higher rainfall totals exceeding 2-5 inches in southeast Louisiana. Several models showcase 6-8 inch hot spots are not out of the question.

Both Hurricane plus Tropical Storm Warnings currently remain in effect across Louisiana’s coastline as well as Mississippi’s coastline.

Storm surge will be highest east of the center, as well. Look for 4-6 foot potential from Grand Isle east along Mississippi’s coast.

The good news about Tropical Storm Laura’s track is that it has shifted west since yesterday. This looks like it has the chance to be a major hurricane at landfall but is still far enough away to change in the days ahead.

Follow updates online on and live all night tonight until the coast is cleared.

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