‘Mini weatherman’ gives hilarious report during Hurricane Zeta

Tracking the Tropics

NEW ORLEANS – As Hurricane Zeta’s winds blew through New Orleans East, Lennox Sandifer grabbed his rain gear and microphone and headed out to do a live report. Of course, he’s only five.

“You look over my shoulder,” he begins. “You can see wind…the trash cans…we have one on the road right here, and one down there.”

Reporting during a natural disaster isn’t all about describing the chaos around you. Journalists also have a duty to warn the public of the dangers of venturing out into the storm.

And Lennox Sandifer takes his job seriously.

“This is really crazy, so stay inside!” he says. “Stay safe…stay anywhere…lights are blinking all over the place as the wind blows harder and harder. See you later guys.”

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