NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — When it comes to hurricane preparation, every detail matters.

Post Hurricane Ida, General Russel Honoré says there are still several areas that the state must address before it is prepared for another storm.

As former commander for Joint Task Force Katrina and disaster expert, Honoré believes that evacuation efforts needs to be improved.

He says that it can start with the high number of residents still living in trailers post Ida recovery.

“Where do those people go? Do they come to New Orleans and stop, or do they keep going east, west or north? That’s what I’m concerned about,” he says.

Honoré also says the evacuation of the elderly must improve after seeing the poor preparation during Hurricane Ida that left many dead.

“We had thousands of elderly people in high rises with no connection with anybody in the government, and we know that cost a lot of lives of elderly folks,” he says.

He recommends starting evacuation in retirement homes and other similar buildings during Category 2 storms.

He encourages all residents to help anyone they can in evacuating whether it’s family, friends or a neighbor and to never leave with an empty seat.

He also says those who want to stay to guard their property should leave it behind and make safety the number one priority.

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