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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — An annual favorite for stargazers, the Orionid meteor shower, will peak in the early morning hours of Friday, Oct. 21.

The Orionids are considered one of the most beautiful showers of the year, according to NASA.

The Orionids will be viewable during the hours between midnight and just before dawn, so you will need to plan on staying up late or getting up early.

NASA suggests finding an area well away from the city or streetlights. For easy viewing, it is recommended that you lie flat on your back with your feet facing southeast. It typically takes about 30 minutes for your eyes will adapt to the darkness before you begin to see meteors.

Weather conditions look favorable for most of the eastern United States. Clear skies are expected overnight with high pressure over most of the region.

If you miss the opportunity to see the shower Friday morning, you may still be in luck. The Orionids peak in mid-October each year, but the last “shooting stars” of the meteor shower have been recorded as late as Nov. 7.