Summery forecast for the arrival of August!


July 2020 goes down as the wettest on record with so much rain in our metro!

Well, we are ending the month on one high and dry note, but this is going down as our wettest recorded July with 15.22 inches of rain at MSY.

Today, New Orleans International Airport reached 95 degrees, and that same trend remained within our forecast for these last 24 hours.

Based off of a ridge, conditions stay hot, though rain could keep returning each afternoon on radar with daytime heating across some locations. A front will return tomorrow to heighten moisture content, bringing potential storms North.

Highs reach 90s while lows reach 70s, yet it will seem much hotter once factoring in index values beyond one hundred degrees.

Apply sunscreen when exercising because the theme is sunshine currently! Don’t forget also staying hydrated plus shaded, especially when outside with any pets as asphalt heats up well beyond actual temperatures during summertime locally.

Hurricane Isaias is continually tracking east, moving away from the Gulf of Mexico but toward Florida’s eastern coast. Potentailly, it could increase in strength, at Cat 2 status, before weakening and progressing toward both Carolinas.

There’s also a new depression on maps: Tropical Depression Ten. It could make a run at becoming Tropical Storm Josephine but will likely dissipate quickly.

Right now, no local threats or impacts are expected.

Weather Video

Eyes on a stronger cold front next week!

WGNO News at 10 p.m.

Dense Fog possible again Tuesday morning.

Dense Fog this morning, no cold fronts through Friday!

WGNO News at 10 p.m.

WGNO News at 5 p.m.


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