Summer-like pattern continues with all eyes on the tropics!


The forecast for today across New Orleans and southeast Louisiana is hot again with humidity and a few quick, passing heavy downpours! Temperatures are feeling like the 100s across each side of Lake Pontchartrain at times! Afternoon highs, themselves, will reach the 90s but overnight, over both sides of Lake Pontchartrain, expect 70s.

This afternoon, there’s the chance we see additional scattered rain chances! 40% or 50% chances remain the theme. Tomorrow, showers for brief relief are a little more widespread as half of the area can expect rain.
This week, most rain chances remain daytime heating driven throughout the hottest part of your day.

The tropics are firing up with one impressive wave to monitor for formation potential over these next few days. Invest 94L will likely become a depression with 80% chances of development already. The next name on the list is Fred, and models agree this is likely headed west toward the United States. Right now, no concerns locally but a reminder the peak of hurricane season is upon us. We’ll be watching closely.

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