Good Morning, New Orleans and a Happy Final Day of Hurricane Season 2022! Heavy rain in the area with gusty winds ends soon as this severe line pushes south, so this is good news for quieter conditions!

These storms were out ahead of a cold front, so bundle up because temperatures will drop quickly in these next few hours. We go from 70s to 60s before lunch time with a wind chill in the 20 mile per hour range.

The cold snap is short lived, but you’re waking up tomorrow to 30s north of the lake and 40s south. Temperatures will then climb into the 50s and top out around 60 Thursday. Come join us in Slidell’s Griffith Park tomorrow evening at 5PM and 6PM for our live show! This weekend, we see temperatures climb once again by the weekend in time for Tulane’s AAC Championship at Yulman! Roll Wave!