Severe weather safety

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Today’s Severe Weather Awareness Week topic is weather safety. What to do if dangerous weather is headed your way and you are under a severe weather warning.

The first thing to remember is put as many walls between you and the outside as possible. The best place to shelter in a storm is going to be the lowest level of your home in an interior room. A bathroom, hall closet, laundry room or something of that nature.

Try to protect our head from debris. Use a pillow, helmet, or blanket if one is available.

Mobile homes are very dangerous places to be in during a tornado. You need to evacuate those for a more sturdy shelter if possible. If you are trapped in your vehicle with a tornado approaching try to find a ditch and lie flat in that.

Avoiding windows is important during most types of severe weather, as well as lightning.

Remembering these tips will help keep you safe during times of severe weather.


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