Rain has ended Tuesday evening and we will stay quiet through most of the night except along the coast where a few storms are possible early in the morning. That’s the setup the next few days. It won’t rain the whole day so at some point the rain will dissipate after a few hours. Expect a few spotty showers through the evening mainly north of I-12, otherwise we should be mostly done for the day.

Expect another round of rain by later Wednesday morning into Wednesday afternoon. Like today storms will not move much and could produce frequent lightning and gusty winds along with the heavy rain.

This pattern will continue through much of the week. Expect most of the rain to diminish at night but then redevelop each afternoon with the daytime heating. Temperatures will warm into the upper 80s on days when rain develops later but only stay in the mid 80s on the days with earlier rain.

A localized flood threat will be possible each day due to the slow moving nature of these cells.