New week, same forecast for heat!


The forecast for New Orleans and southeast Louisiana was stifling all day Sunday, and more of this is on its way Monday. Be intentional in staying hydrated, staying indoors in the air conditioning when possible, and wearing lighter colors plus sunscreen. Remember to look before you lock, as well.

Highs, themselves, reached the upper 90s if not 100s again but feel like 90s during WGNO News at 10 PM. A Heat Advisory was issued until 7 PM across our state and Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. Overnight, over both sides of Lake Pontchartrain, expect the 70s.

Tomorrow to early this week, we continue seeing heat but it comes with an increase in rain chances for brief relief! 40% or 50% chances remain the theme. Anticipate a Heat Advisory once more from 9 AM until 7 PM.

Henri, now no longer a hurricane or tropical storm, moves through Connecticut then Massachusetts before turning east. It made landfall earlier this morning around 11:15 AM near Westerly, Rhode Island. Flooding rains and gusty winds are the primary concerns in addition to widespread power outage potential. The season’s eighth named storm will continue weakening in intensity while moving inland. Right now, no local concerns as the Gulf of Mexico heat up based on these weekend temperatures.

Did you look up this morning to see a rare Blue Moon, which peaked around 1:02 a.m. CST? This is the third full moon of the summer, making it a rare Blue Moon per Farmers’ Almanac. The other full moons were June 23rd and July 24th with one more on September 20th. The moon and Jupiter will also make a close appearance tonight in the sky, only separated about 5 degrees. Look up to see these phenomenons as viewing conditions will be beautiful across New Orleans and southeast Louisiana once more!

Join in for forecast updates and the latest track information on Good Morning New Orleans.

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