MUST SEE! New record of simultaneous waterspouts off the coast of Louisiana?

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On Thursday afternoon, ELEVEN waterspouts potentially captured at once offshore Louisiana. Lake Michigan currently holds the visual record of 9 occurring at once in a single photo. 

The remarkable series of photos below were captured off the coast near the Green Canyon region of the Gulf, about 80-100 miles south of Port Fourchon, Louisiana.

Yesterday, tropical funnel clouds were observed across coastal south Louisiana. Part of the reason? We had slightly cooler air “aloft” or a couple thousand feet above the ground and very warm water temperatures in the Gulf. This contrast of air temperatures likely created ideal conditions for waterspout formation.

📸 Daniel Billiot Jr

Try and count them! It’s beautiful to see from a distance, and remarkably rare!

📸 Lance Geist
📸 Daniel Billiot Jr

Curious about what a video of these picturesque waterspouts looked like? Check it out!

📸 Daniel Billiot Jr
📸 Daniel Billiot Jr

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