Lyrid Meteor Showers continue through April 30th!


The Lyrid Meteor shower peaked early Thursday morning of last week, but incase anyone missed it at that point, this is another chance for viewing between 10-18 meteors per hour.

April 21-22 marks an annual phenomenon’s exact peak, but showers continue until April 30th! The show will go on for three days longer.

Locally, our forecast for viewing these once they enter our planet’s atmosphere could not have been better last week as clear skies and cold temperatures were the themes.

Now, this is a much warmer forecast for southeast Louisiana through late April while approaching early May. Looking up between midnight and dawn will provide you your best views, regarless of some additonal cloud cover in comparison on last week!

Northshore residents wake up tomorrow to upper 60s, lower 70s outside their windows while Southshore residents can expect mid to upper 70s!

Wondering a meteor or asteroid’s definition? Well, we define them as bodies of matter, which penetrate Earth’s atmosphere from outer space, shining iridescently upon encountering friction. Think about them as a streak of light, one example being shooting stars.

Lyrid as a namesake comes from its source: the constolation Lyra.

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