JUST IN — Delta is now a Category 4 Major Hurricane. Growing risk for Louisiana late week. Here’s the latest.


JUST IN — Hurricane #Delta is now a Category 4 with 130mph winds. Hurricane Hunters just found evidence of ~130mph winds, and the National Hurricane Center has issued a Special Advisory.

Official forecast now shows brings Delta as a Category 3 or strong Category 2 towards south Louisiana late Friday, with a landfall between Morgan City/Franklin/New Iberia late Friday.

Remember, it’s important to not focus on the exact details of the track or intensity forecasts, as the average 3-4 day track error is around 150 miles and the average 4-day intensity error is close to 15 mph.

Water temperatures are still much cooler in the northern Gulf of Mexico, which should put a cap on intensity as Delta moves towards the northern Gulf Coast. In fact, weakening is expected as wind shear also increases as the system nears south Louisiana.

Unfortunately, with a system like this, you don’t have the luxury of betting on the system weakening. You must prepare as if system won’t weaken.

In addition, significant impacts will be expected along the track and EAST of where the center comes onshore.

Time to ready the storm preparations & be prepared to act.

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