Icy conditions leave Louisiana motorists frustrated


BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) ––– Frustration is growing for those getting back on the roadways, but the Department of Transportation and state police warn against driving around barricades.  

Rodney Mallett from the Department of Transportation warns, “don’t drive around barricades at any time. If it’s closed, it’s closed for a very good reason.”

Going around these barriers could have serious repercussions. “If you happen to go around them and crash… not only will you be at fault for going around the barricade, but also be at fault for causing a crash or being involved in a crash and it could result in a serious injury or fatality,” says Taylor Scrantz from Louisiana State Police. 

Mallett warns that entering these restricted zones does not only put your life at risk, city employees working on the roadways are vulnerable because they do not expect anyone else to be on the road. 

If you are caught driving around a barricade, you could face a fine. “It’s essentially the same thing as running a red light… you’ll get a monetary fine just as you would with a red light violation,” says Scrantz. 

Louisiana Statute 32 § 237


(1) No one shall in any way tamper with, move, damage, or destroy any barricade, sign, or signal placed upon any highway by the department or by any contractor or subcontractor […] nor shall any person drive around or through any barricade or fences placed upon any closed highway by the department or any contractor or subcontractor […] unless at the time otherwise directed by a police officer.

As temperatures start to rise and the ice starts to melt, the best way to get around these barricades is patience. Mallet says, “People who are frustrated with the closings in this area for the last couple of days… need to understand that the weather sometimes wins.”

LSP asks that you only travel if it is essential and to have water and warm blankets in the event you do crash. If you become stranded, you can call *LSP or *577 to connect with the nearest Troop in your area. 


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