Hurricane preparedness week: your home

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Today’s Hurricane Preparedness Week topic is strengthening your home. There are some things you can do before the season starts to make your home more equipped to handle a tropical system.

The first thing to think about is window covers. Whether that’s plywood, hurricane shutters, regular shutters, it’s important to have these ready to go ahead of time.

If you are planning on boarding up your windows with plywood, you don’t want to be fighting crowds of people and short supply if a storm is approaching. Measure and cut wood now and store it for the season so it is ready to go if you need it.

You want to trim up any trees on your property that have limbs near or over your home. That is an easy way to lessen the damage risk to your house in strong wind.

Always bring in any outdoor items that could get blown around as projectiles in strong wind.

And if you are going to be riding out the storm at home you’ll want a safe place to keep your car to avoid damage.

These are some easy and relatively inexpensive tips to protect your home this hurricane season.

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