NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It’s never too early to start preparing for hurricane season.

First things first.

“Always have an emergency plan for you and your family, if it’s one person that corrals the whole family together, they get in touch with the whole family. Always have someone that you can get in contact with.” said Kourtney Garrett Blossom, Director of sales of east Louisiana, AT&T.

Kourtney Garret Blossom says not to rely on your memory when it comes to retaining those important phone numbers.

“Make sure you know everyone’s number. Make sure that they’re locked in. If that’s a family member, the doctor’s office, your insurance company, whatever it is, please make sure you have those numbers locked in your phone,” said Blossom

Blossom says it’s imperative to keep your devices charged… And you can do so by having a multi-port portable battery. 

“So, you can have your phone, you can have your tablet, your laptop, you can have up to five to ten devices charging at the same time, so it’s so important that you get those backup batteries and car chargers as well, too, to make sure you that can stay connected during those times,” said Blossom.

During a storm, it’s also recommended to text and not call.

“That will help all of us to stay in communication during that time, less congestion on the network, and you can still get in touch with your loved ones during that time,” said Blossom.