Humidity returns to our forecast for the week ahead, but when do temperatures cool down?


Two named storms in open water

What an incredible forecast for our Labor Day holiday! Tough to find any clouds, much less shower activity! Conditions will be becoming more humid as a moisture surge returns.

Pockets of rain in WGNO’s viewing area remain the themes mid-week through early next weekend. At that point, brief temperature relief continues toning down afternoon highs. 

Seasonal temperatures plus increasing mugginess work together to bring real feels up near triple digits in some hot spots, like Belle Chase.

Highs reach lower 90s or upper 80s while lows reach lower 70s or upper 60s, yet it will seem hotter once factoring in index values.

Gulf of Mexico waters are quiet, too, but further east, National Hurricane Center meteorologists keep watching moderate chances for formation potential just off of Africa’s coast. Right now, no local threats or impacts are expected.

Tropical Storms Paulette and Rene have developed, making them the earliest “P” and “R” named storms on record. Both will move into open water and become “fish storms,” meaning they likely do not encounter land or impact the United States. This is something we’ll keep watching closely, though.

August marks Hurricane Season 2020’s official peak, given NOAA’s updated forecast for “extremely active” months ahead until November.

Keep your umbrella close during each afternoon after lunch when splash and dash storms pop up!

Apply sunscreen when exercising because the theme is heat! Don’t forget also staying hydrated plus shaded, especially when outside with any pets as asphalt heats up well beyond actual temperatures during September locally.

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