Good Morning, New Orleans! Showers and storms are a bit less widespread today, which means only a few wild downpours continue. As we typically see, the best chance will be along the I-10 corridor with several daytime heating storms near the New Orleans area to come. Localized street flooding is certainly possible across a number of southshore locations. We saw a little break from the rain Wednesday afternoon as a lot of the activity moved to the west and the east of the area. Expect another round of rain to develop by Saturday morning. Like today storms will not move much and could produce frequent lightning and gusty winds along with the heavy rain.

This pattern will continue through much of the week. Expect most of the rain to diminish at night but then redevelop each afternoon with the daytime heating. Temperatures will be topping out in the mid to upper 80s through Friday thanks to rain and cloud cover. Look for highs around 90 over the weekend as we see a slight decrease in rain coverage.

A localized flood threat will be possible each day due to the slow moving nature of these cells.