Hot and humid as we monitor the path of Potential Tropical Cyclone 6


Potential Tropical Cyclone 6 continues to move quickly northwest Tuesday morning at 17 mph. So far we still do not have a closed center of circulation so no named storm at the moment. When that happens this will likely be Fred.

The current track keeps this in the eastern Gulf by the end of the weekend. However there is a large spread of potential at the end of the track and some models are already hinting at a more westward shift. This is still way too early to know exactly where this goes so please continue to follow it.

The system will likely be weak as it enters the Gulf but could intensify rapidly after that time before landfall. If it does move more to the west, it would have more time to strengthen. That could pose a more significant issue to our local area.

For today look for another day with highs around 94 early in the day. Spotty storms will develop once again although it looks like we see fewer than on Monday. Expect rain chances to gradually increase through the week.

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