Harvey meandering over Texas, rain potential to the east

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Tropical Storm Harvey continues to spin around southeast Texas at the moment. Radar images continue to show heavy bands of rain on the eastern side of the storm from Houston to Lake Charles. The actual path of the storm will continue to be erratic over the next few days. The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center moves Harvey as a depression to northeast Texas, however a track further east or west is not out of the questions.

In the meantime the main threat to southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi will be heavy rain. Here are some of the totals predicted by the National Weather Service. These are just estimates and show the potential through the week. However it does seem like the best potential will be to the west and near the coast. The main area of heavy rain should stay to the west, but bands around the outer flow of Harvey could set up over southeast Louisiana and create localized flash flooding, especially of low lying areas.

Overall this storm should not be a big issue for our area. But be aware of the potential for locally heavy rainfall at times over the next few days, similar to what we have seen so far this summer.

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