Happy October! Look up tonight to see the FIRST of a couple full moons this month!


Second full moon on Halloween night! How fitting, right?!

What beautiful, seasonal weather we have today to welcome another month! It feels like October as high temperatures remain in the 70s and 80s all week! This is called a “Blue Moon” Month because there will be two full moons, one of which happens today at 4:04 PM Central Standard Time.

The moon will look full over these next three days, providing bright moonlight through our weekend! This is the first full moon since last week’s Autumnal Equinox, so it is called the Full Harvest Moon. Usually the Harvest Moon occurs during September, but like much of 2020 has been, this year is a little bit different because of how the calendar fell.

The Full Harvest Moon’s name dates back to 1706 and is English in its origin. Many farmers traditionally relied on moonlight when harvesting their crops after dark throughout history.

Friday evening, the Full Harvest Moon and Mars will align nearby in the sky! Moon rise is scheduled for 7:31PM, while Mars rises just a few minutes later at 7:35PM.

This alignment will be particularly rare as Mars is making its closest approach to Earth on October 6th since 2003, so the reddish planet will appear very bright. Mars won’t pass this close again until 2035.

The second full moon of October happens on Halloween night. How fitting as the werewolves hallow and bats fly, right?! Talk about the saying “Once in a Blue Moon” being relevant! This is called the “Blue Moon,” hence October 2020’s larger classification of being deemed the “Blue Moon” Month. In addition, Daylight Saving Time will end November 1, giving you an extra hour of sleep as the reward for looking up while dressing up when we “Fall Back!” No tricks, only treats during the highly anticipated holiday weekend to come!


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