Giving thanks for forecast conditions until Black Friday!


Right now, no threats in the open water as the end of Hurricane Season 2020 approaches

What a gorgeous day today across southeast Louisiana and New Orleans! This is what you can expect again in these next 24 hours. Warmth remains the theme ahead. One word that sums up upcoming weather patterns until next week: LAYERS!

Northshore residents wake up tomorrow to lower 50s outside their windows while Southshore residents can expect upper 50s – lower 60s! This is sweater weather, but you’ll lose any jackets by afternoon after lunch, once highs climb near 80.

Fog will be becoming an issue once more during the early hours, primarily west of I-55. Remember, at that point, low beams are your friend! Exercise caution on the roads if up early!

As a second front arrives Wednesday, we see precipitation chances go up greatly. More than likely, temperatures will not be much different at that point. This is going to allow for forecast conditions on Thanksgiving Day to be beautiful.

Again, a daily reminder Hurricane Season 2020 will not end until November 30th! Even throughout November, we continue watching yet another disturbance for formation potential.

Right now, no local threats across our area are expected.

National Hurricane Center meteorologists give the disturbance LOW, ten percent chances of development over five days.

Good news? This is the final countdown as Hurricane Season on the calendar ends officially nine days from now. Water temperatures have cooled significantly between upwelling and a few cold fronts impacting New Orleans.

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