Fred barely holding on, locally showers and storms again


Tropical Depression Fred is looking weak and very disorganized Thursday morning after moving off the coast of Haiti. The mountainous terrain of the island of Hispaniola really took a toll on the storm over the past 24 hours.

Right now the center is very hard to make out. The stronger areas of rain and storms are actually well south of the center. Fred continues to move west-northwest at 16.

The forecast track has shifted a little to the east through the night. Fred is now expected to make landfall in the eastern part of the Florida panhandle. Most of the models agree on this outcome.

The only thing to watch over the next couple of days will be does some new center form closer to the areas of convection. That could change the forecast. Without that though it looks like we will see this well east of the area.

Thursday morning is starting quiet with low to mid 70s and no rain in the area. That is likely to change once again as we head into the afternoon.

Today looks a lot like yesterday. The high temp on Wednesday occurred during the 10AM hour, so it was a quick warm up. Expect low 90s again today during late morning to around noon.

After that showers and storms will begin to develop. Activity will be isolated early and then become a bit more widespread. Look for locally heavy downpours with the strong activity as well as frequent lightning. This will keep most of the afternoon in the 80s.

Overall this trend continues into early next week. Expect low 90s early in the day with showers and storms developing after that.

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