It is a warm Thursday afternoon with low to mid 80s around the area. So far we have warmed up to 82 here in New Orleans which currently ties the record for the day. It is likely we will break the record this afternoon.

Another dense fog advisory is in effect for tonight. The key will be the wind. Last night we had too much wind to get fog to develop but if they drop off more tonight then you will need to be aware of the threat overnight and early Friday, especially closer to the coast and lakes.

Temperatures will stay warm through the week. Look for mainly low 80s through the weekend with a few spots hitting the mid 80s Friday if skies clear sooner. Overnight lows will only drop into the upper 60s. A couple of stay showers will be possible on Friday.

After that we will stay warm and muggy through the weekend. It looks like a weak front may move through on Monday which could bring in some lower humidity.