Delta is now a Category 3 Major Hurricane. Growing risk for Louisiana. Here’s the latest.


⚠️JUST IN⚠️ — Hurricane #Delta is now a MAJOR HURRICANE with max winds of 115mph. Addition intensification likely ahead of first landfall near Cancun late tonight-tomorrow morning.

Official forecast now shows brings Delta as a Category 3 towards south Louisiana late Friday, with a landfall between Morgan City/Franklin/New Iberia late Friday.

Remember, it’s important to not focus on the exact details of the track or intensity forecasts, as the average 3-4 day track error is around 150 miles and the average 4-day intensity error is close to 15 mph.

In addition, significant impacts will be expected along the track and EAST of where the center comes onshore. Unfortunately, with a system like this, you don’t have the luxury of betting on the system weakening. You must prepare as if system won’t weaken.

Time to ready the storm preparations & be prepared to act.

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