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The forecast for New Orleans and southeast Louisiana was cooler with heavy rain in many parts of the viewing area by late afternoon. A Street Flood Advisory was issued across Jefferson and Orleans until 7:15PM, but then the evening cleared up beautifully.

Highs, themselves, reached 90s again but felt more like 100s during the hottest part of Tuesday afternoon. Overnight, over both sides of Lake Pontchartrain, expect 70s.

Tomorrow to late week, we continue seeing heavy downpours and street flooding potential! 40% or 50% chances remain the theme. A seasonal, quiet forecast for southeast Louisiana continues deeper into August with a massive heat wave in this weekend’s outlook.

High pressure north is pushing south, so Tropical Storm Grace will remain well below Louisiana as it tracks into the Gulf of Mexico towards Mexico, itself. The path is headed straight across the Gulf for Mexico for Mexico by this weekend.

Tropical Storm Henri is now the season’s eighth named storm but will not affect the United States. This is going to circle Saint George Island and impact Bermuda only before swimming out to sea.

Fred is now barely a tropical depression as it continues weakening while moving inland in the United States after a Florida landfall Monday.

Join in for forecast updates and the latest track information on Good Morning New Orleans Monday.

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