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Rain chances and humidity increase in weekend outlook!

Earlier, New Orleans International Airport reached 92 degrees, and we were finally meeting our average early August temperature!

Based off of dry air still dominating, southeast Louisiana stays hot with afternoon heat indices in the 98-106 range consistently.

Humidity values are, area-wide, less oppressive, though, keeping real feels near actual temperatures until Friday morning.

Coastal locations with rainfall totals saw additional brief relief as storms moved off of land several hours ago.

Any cooler weather comes alongside scattered thunderstorm development, threatening scattered rain in neighborhoods, lightning, gusty winds, etc. Always have ways you can receive watch information on mobile devices.

The Gulf of Mexico remains quiet, too, as National Hurricane Center Meteorologists monitor zero chances for formation throughout open water tonight to even these next five days.

Right now, no local threats or impacts are expected, but we’ll closely watch development potential.

Keep your umbrella close during each afternoon after lunch when splash and dash storms pop up!

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