Cold front in the forecast for Monday!


Good evening on this hot Sunday! The forecast for early August across New Orleans and southeast Louisiana was extreme with dangerous heat and later storms today to keep temperatures up in comparison on the month’s normal trends. Feels like conditions are now no longer in triple digits after a heat advisory was issued across WGNO’s viewing area once again until 7PM. Afternoon highs reached the lower to upper 90s, but overnight, over both sides of Lake Pontchartrain, expect 70s or 80s. Last Saturday, we tied a record high set back in 1981: 98 degrees at MSY. Monday, we broke 1981’s July 26th record of 96 at MSY when highs reached 97. This was our high once again in New Orleans proper.

Overnight and much of the coming week, there’s the chance we see additional scattered rain! 40% or 50% chances remain the theme. Tomorrow, showers for brief relief are a little more widespread. This is because a front will makes it way through our region, bringing temperatures down and rain chances up.

Beyond Monday, most rain chances remain daytime heating driven throughout the hottest part of your afternoon after lunch.

Open waters currently stay quiet with minimal Gulf development potential into next week, so some great news there! This is due to Saharan Dust limiting development potential.

More information on will be available during Good Morning New Orleans, so join in! Happy August!

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