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Happy Saturday as a damp one continues across southeast Louisiana. Yesterday, we were dealing with cold temperatures and clouds, too, to make it less warm throughout Southshore locations. This afternoon on radar, storms moved northeast from the coast.

Temperatures now remain in the 60s, and we topped out about 68 with breezy conditions. Tonight, anticipate a much warmer one than we were dealing with 24 hours ago. Most spots will remain in the 60s as 70s return early Sunday morning.

Yet another front will make its way to town late Sunday. Tomorrow, anticipate conditions near 80 once factoring in humidity for your feels like temperatures. We’ll see additional rain chances late out ahead of the front. Once again, Monday, temperatures drop back into the low 60s for highs with 50s and 40s overnight. Sunshine will be the theme by Tuesday with much cooler weather. We are just on a rollercoaster ride again this coming week.

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