September will start a lot like August ended with hot and mostly dry conditions. Look for one more day of low rain chances before we see a change on Friday. Temperatures will be in the low to mid 90s for the afternoon and evening Thursday with the rain chance very low. Expect a few showers to pop up south of I-10 but that’s about it.

By Friday more moisture starts to move back into the area allowing rain chances to come back up. Daytime heating will trigger showers and storms by early to mid afternoon. Temperatures will climb to around 90 by the early afternoon before the rain pops up.

Expect showers and storms through the holiday weekend. It doesn’t look like a washout, but there will be a 50-70% chance pretty much each afternoon. That will hold temperatures down in the mid to upper 80s for highs with cooler temps where rain develops.

In the tropics we are watching a couple different waves way out in the Atlantic with chances for development. However none of these will be a threat to the Gulf and there is no indication of anything close by anytime soon.