Another day, another Heat Advisory!


The forecast for New Orleans and southeast Louisiana was stifling all day Monday. Be intentional in staying hydrated, staying indoors in the air conditioning when possible, and wearing lighter colors plus sunscreen once again Tuesday. Remember to look before you lock, as well.

Highs, themselves, reached upper 90s if not 100s again but feel like 90s during even the late evening. A Heat Advisory was issued until 7PM across our state and Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. Overnight, over both sides of Lake Pontchartrain, expect 70s.

Tomorrow to mid-week, we continue seeing heat but it comes with an increase in rain chances for brief relief! 40% or 50% chances remain the theme. Anticipate a Heat Advisory once more from 9AM until 7PM Tuesday.

Right now, no local concerns as the Gulf of of Mexico heats up based off of these weekend temperatures. We are keeping an eye on three areas for formation potential, all with moderate development chances.

Join in for forecast updates and the latest track information on Good Morning New Orleans.

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