Friday afternoon update on TD 14 and TS Laura. Growing potential for impacts in Louisiana.


4PM TRACK UPDATE — Shift WEST with Tropical Storm #Laura.Tropical Depression 14. The key? Expect additional changes to the projected paths & intensity of these systems. Lot’s remains unclear, but be prepared should one, two, or none of these storms come our way.

Growing risk for impacts along the Gulf Coast early-middle next week. The exact magnitude & location of impacts remains highly unclear. At a minimum, expecting increased rain coverage & tides late Monday-Thursday.

National Hurricane Center directly states for Depression 14 in the Caribbean “The track forecast is still of rather low confidence, with the spread among the model guidance being larger than normal at every forecast time period.”

Latest track of Laura brings system into the East-Central Gulf by Tuesday. Appears this system will become of greater concern, depending on how much land interaction in Cuba/Hispaniola disrupts this system’s ability to organize.

More details will become clear by Sunday, but we still have plenty of “wait and see” time to watch the trends!

For residents along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida, I would be reviewing your hurricane preparation plans & restocking hurricane safety kits. Being proactive, just in case, can save you lots of stress and hassle if one of these systems decides to head your way.

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