NEW ORLEANS — Retired Army Colonel William J. Gallagher is the newest Headmaster of Holy Cross High School. He is a decorated veteran and uses some of the same principles he adopted from his experience in the military to transform the 815 young men of the school into potential future leaders.

“My branch in the Army was infantry. I was in the people leading business everyday! Serving with soldiers is one of the most inspirational and motivational experiences I’ve had in my entire life,” says Gallagher.

New Orleans is the latest destination in what has been 35 inspiring previous positions, where he has cultivated young men and women throughout the world.

“I’ve spent about 12 to 13 years, living outside the United States. I’ve been to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. I’ve lived in the poorest country in the world, which is South Sudan. I spent the last four and a half years living there,” says Gallagher.

Along with his administrative duties, he teaches two courses: Central Skills For the Holy Cross Man and Senior Leader Seminar.

He enjoys attending the football games and is fiercely competitive. He’s also committed to a serious work of instilling the most important lesson of integrity that his veteran prowess has brought him. Most important, beyond the grades, and wining touchdowns, he wants his students to be guided by the internal compass of the heart and know that the physical world is temporary.

Headmaster Gallagher says, “I’ve found for me that was a good connection after a career in the military. Lead by example and take care of your people became my two principles of leadership. They are universal and not just for military.”