Seeing double: Jackson County school has 14 sets of twins

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MALONE, Fla. (WMBB) — It’s twintastic!

14 sets of twins attend Malone School in Jackson County. The principal, Doug Powell, was shocked to find out there’s that many.

“I didn’t even realize there were so many until Mrs. McGriff started one day. She was like, ‘Mr. Powell we’ve got 12 sets of twins in this school,’ and I was like, ‘really?’ and she’s like, ‘yeah,’ and before you knew it we started really analyzing it and we’re like oh, we have 14.”

Many of the twins are identical.

Malone School administrators pick up on small differences to tell them apart.

“You’re probably going to be taller than me when you’re older,” Jasper Cook said to his shorter twin brother Jagger Cook.

Jagger and Jasper just moved to Malone School from Tennessee.

“I didn’t ever know that a school could be like this. I mean, I really thought that we could be the only twins here,” Jasper Cook said.

It’s not uncommon for twins to run into other twins at the school.

“You always see these like pairs of twins walking in the hallway, mostly in elementary, and they’ll be coming in the office to get a snack or something and they’ll both be in there,” Twin Trevor William Shelton said.

Some of the twins are just pals with other twins. But the Dickens twins are related to other twins.

“It’s kind of great being twins because you get to spend more time with each other and won’t feel left out or anything if you’re new to this school,” the two pairs of Dickens twins said.

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