Powerful storm system on the move, severe weather possible

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Widespread weather advisories include rain, snow and wind

HOUSTON (KIAH) — It’s another week with a high-impact storm system moving across the country. This strong area of low pressure is bringing heavy rain, snow and very strong winds to parts of the western and central U.S.


A high wind warning spans several states as non-thunderstorm winds could gust up to 60-70 mph! What about rain, thunderstorms and snow? The series of Futurecast images below shows the progression of the storm system as it moves eastward Tuesday through Thursday.


As you can see Wednesday to Thursday, rain and some thunderstorms fire up ahead of the low in the Central U.S., and then along a cold front in some of the same areas affected by last week’s deadly tornadoes.

This week’s storm system definitely does not have the same intense severe storm setup, however, some isolated strong to severe storms are still possible.


Wednesday’s outlook indicates a level 2 out of 5 severe storm risk in Iowa. For perspective, last week’s tornadoes formed in a level 3 and 4 risk zone.

Then on Thursday, a level 1 risk spans from Northeast Texas to Little Rock and Memphis. This means tornadoes are not likely, but some isolated storms with hail and strong winds could form.


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